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It's easy and inexpensive to rent a kayak, or to go kayaking with a tour. Many such trips include snorkeling. Other opportunities range from renting a canoe to enjoy dinner on a sunset cruise.

Key West is a small island, surrounded by even smaller, uninhabited islands. Renting a sea kayak, paddleboard, jet ski or canoe are four ways to explore them at your whim. Or, if you prefer guidance, kayaking and paddleboard tours are available. There are also many reefs to be explored in the area, both for solo exploration and as part of a guided tour.

Many of the little keys contain wildlife, sometimes when you least expect it!

Paul S. Cilwa

Since Key West is a coral island, as are all the little keys in the archepelago, there are snorkeling opportunities in every direction.

If you prefer your adventures to be guided, there are snorkeling expeditions heading out every day. In some of them, you paddle at least partway to the reef; in others, you don your snorkeling gear on the boat and just jump in.

Jet skis may also be rented individually or taken out as part of a tour.

If the surface of the ocean isn't enough for you, there are many concessions offering parasailing trips.

And finally, for those looking for slightly less physical adventures on Key West's beautiful seas, there are also cruises on power and sail boats; some include dinner, sunset, and/or live music.