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Ernest Hemmingway's famed hangout and inventors of the beef-and-BBQ meal.
Paul S. Cilwa

Sloppy Joe's Bar is a historic American bar in Key West, Florida. It is now located on the north side of Duval Street at the corner of Greene Street, (201 Duval Street). Founded on December 5, 1933, the bar's most famous patrons were Ernest Hemingway and the infamous rum runner Habana Joe. The original location at the time Hemingway frequented Sloppy Joe's is a few doors down to the west, just off Duval Street, at 428 Greene Street, and is now called "Captain Tony's Saloon".

The bar went through two name changes before settling on Sloppy Joe's with the encouragement of Hemingway. The name was coined from the original Sloppy Joe's bar in Old Havana, that sold both liquor and iced seafood. In the Cuban heat, the ice melted and patrons taunted the owner José (Joe) García Río that he ran a "sloppy" place.

Now one of the top bars in a town full of them, Sloppy Joe's is known for excellent local musicians, good food and good times.