Rent A Vacation Home In Key West…By The Month!

Key West, location of the Southernmost Point in the United States, is ideal for a real vacation. It's an island, it's remote, it's exotic, yet it's also civilized. There are things to do, things to see, and when you rent a house or condo in Key West, even staying there is a worthwhile "thing to do".

There are many options for spending the night in Key West, ranging from a motel to hotel to bed-and-breakfast. But Key West has so many things to see and do that a night, or even a week, isn't nearly long enough. That's why renting a house or condo for a full month makes so much sense. It's really the only way to explore Key West's most intimate secrets.

1525 Von Phister Street

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This monthly rental is located in midtown Key West, conveniently located to both shopping and nightlife, as well as Higgs Beach.

Monthly Rental $10,000
Type Single-family
Year Built 1947
Cooling Central air
Parking In front and in driveway
Bedrooms 3
Size 1400 sq ft
Appliances Range/Over, Microwave, large refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, TVs in each room
Pool Community

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Things To Do In And Around Key West

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As a carefully-groomed tourist and resort destination, little Key West probably packs more entertainment possibilities per square foot than even Las Vegas (but without the casinos).

Ever since Henry Flager fell in love with the Lower Keys, and especially Key West, savvy tourists have enjoyed this remote and beautiful corner of the world for its pristine waters, wildlife, and boating and fishing opportunities. However, nature lovers are not the only ones who enjoy Key West, as it also features a million things to do, by day as well as by night.

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How To Get To Key West

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Suggestions for finding your way to this exotic spot by automobile, jet plane, ship or boat.

Key West is remote and accessible at the same time. Located at the far end of US Highway 1, it's a spectacular 4½ hour drive from Miami (that almost always takes longer because of all the cool things to do and see along the way). By boat from Miami takes at least 3 days. For the less adventurous, it's only about a 30 minute flight from Miami Airport (though the walk to the farthest gate, from which the flight leaves, can take awhile, especially if you are tempted to stop at any of the shops and restaurants that line the corridor). And, of course, for those who think an adventure is open-seating, cruise ships do stop here. However, they don't usually allow you to stay long enough to be interested in a rental.

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Contact Us

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How to contact the owners with questions or to book.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our Key West rentals or are ready to book.

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